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History of the family dates back to 1977 when an optimistic mind named Mr. Muhammad Razzaq
established a Dental & orthodontics Instrument manufacturing company named RAZZAQ SURGICAL

He started manufacturing instruments by hand and supplied it numerous companies of the locally
Market. He spent a large period in the Production, Research &Development for the improvement of

RAZZAQ SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS CO. is a company established in the year 2015 for the manufacturing,
exporting and distribution of High-quality DENTAL & ORTHODONTICS INSTRUMENTS. Within years the
business started to expand its roots & was considered the pioneers of DENTAL & ORTHODONTICS
INSTRUMENTS in Sialkot-Pakistan.

The Family Owned business has three brothers that head the Management. All three of them have
experiences in thier fields they are son's of Mr. Muhammad Razzaq the Founder of RAZZAQ SURGICAL

Mr. Muhammad Razzaq started his business carrier in 1977. when he joined the family business of (Mr.
Muhammad Hussain Late) He has enormous experience in the production of DENTAL & ORTHODONTICS

Mr. Faraz Ali joined the family business with his father in 2015, he started his carrier from Quality
Control Department, he worked at this post for almost 4 years, in 2019 started works as Director
International Sales & Marketing and Director Quality Assurance and was responsible for Communication
and Customer Support until May 2019.



Mr. Asif Razaq also started his business carrier in 2015 with his Father when he joined the family
business of RAZZAQ SURGICAL also as Production Manager. He specializes in manufacturing of Dental &
Orthodontics Instruments, Distal End Cutters, Ligatures & Hard Wire Cutters, Ortho Pliers, Tweezers,
Forceps, Scissors, Mathieu Needle Holder, Hand Instruments, Gauges, Sterilizing Trays etc….

Mr. Abrar Hussain started his business carrier in 2019 with his elder brother. Since 1977 the family
owned company RAZZAQ SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS CO., Manufactures a wide variety of high-
qualityDental& orthodontics instruments. At our company in Sialkot we work with Extracting Forceps,
Roots Elevators, Bone Rongeurs, Scissors, Forceps, Tweezers, etc.… with cutting edge technology in
combination with traditional handicraft.

QUALITY: For RAZZAQ SURGIAL Quality and Satisfaction of customer is a must. Trained workers
maintain the Quality. Quality manuals are given to the employees for flawless supply. Of the entire
range of RAZZAQ SURGICAL products, we choose the highest quality raw materials. We don't do it just
for our customer's sake. We also do it for ourselves. We enjoy working with quality.

GUARANTEE: Based On our corporate philosophy we guarantee high quality, Innovative Designs,
Excellent Performance, competitive prices, delivery reliability, individual as well as professional
consultation and processing of orders.

Our customers worldwide demand absolute perfection in their tools, and we provide the service they
Processing of German forgings supplied by the clients. We also make customer instruments for medical
practice or those with special needs. Manufacturing of the instruments from imported stainless steel.
Customize manufacturing of new designs provided by customers after Research & Development.

The company is not only focused towards its customer's but has equal respect to its employees.
Employees are the foundations of the company that help the roots of the company to grow wide.

RAZZAQ SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS CO. is in compliance with all the relevant quality standards applicable
on the manufacturing of Dental & Orthodontic Instruments. RAZZAQ SURGICAL manufactures High
Quality instruments in imported fine quality Stainless Steel

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